Hair Transplantation

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), is the latest technique in the world and Turkey...

that allows us get naturally good results in hair transplant operations. 

Like all hair transplant operations, FUE is the operation where the live follicles are taken from the hairy area and transferred to the hairless area.
Unlike FUT method, Follicular units (grafts) are taken directly one by one from the lower parts of the skin by the help of special punches, micro motors or the latest technology punch hair matic. This method is also known as “non-invasive”.
In FUE, scalpel tool, stiching is not used in donor areas, there is no mark left where the follicles have been taken. It helps people who is in trouble with baldness to regain their hair without any complication and disruption from their everyday life.

Whereas taking method of follicles are different from each other, the replacement method of aquired follicles are totally same in FUE and FUT techniques.

We can transplant 1500 - 3500 units of Follicular grafts and 3750 - 8750 units of hair at a time.


As a leader in novelty, our corporation unite modern aesthetic surgery with art, providing many solutions to the people with hair loss problems. It leaves all other methods behind with its naturally nice results with the help of handy punch hair matic in hair transplant operations.

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